Ivy Tech Electrical Engineering alumni’s dream to pursue a career in STEM made possible through transfer opportunity

In May of 2019, Donte Sims graduated from Ivy Tech Community College with a degree in Electrical Engineering, which helped pave the way for him to continue to IUPUI.

“My program of study was not by any means easy,” Donte said, “but challenged me to be my best.”

Like many students, Donte chose to take many of his general education classes at Ivy Tech before transferring.

“I needed 62 credit hours from a regionally accredited college in order to attend IUPUI,” he recollected.

Many students like Donte choose to capitalize on the affordability of earning college credits at Ivy Tech, where the average cost of a credit hour for an in-state student ($141) is nearly half the cost of many other four-year universities.  Donte took 33 credit hours of General Education classes and 29 credit hours of EET technical classes.

“Once at Ivy Tech, I saw the benefits of attending an affordable school with a wealth of knowledge among its facility.”

Upon graduating from Ivy Tech, Donte is working towards completing his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and is scheduled to graduate in May 2021

Donte Simms Pic

John Ulrich, professor, EET, Donte Sims, and Mark Atkins, Program Chair, EET 

“Ivy Tech helped me get where I am by providing plenty of networking events, scholar events, community service events and learning aids,” he said. “I spent a great deal of time in the Learning Resource Center getting assistance, completing homework assignments, and studying for tests.”

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is one of many beneficial resources Ivy Tech students have access to during their time as a student – at no cost. Its free tutoring services are available in a variety of subjects, including math, chemistry, and English.

Not only did his time at Ivy Tech help him transfer to IUPUI, but it’s allowed Donte to apply his skills during his internship with ERMCO. ERMCO is a company that performs electrical, systems and automation installation for major commercial and industrial projects in Indiana and across the United States.

“As I continue this academic journey to better my future, I am continually meeting new people and experiencing new events. It is important to keep an open mind and be proactive. You never know who you’re going to meet,” Donte said. “My future plans are to join the ERMCO team to begin my career, and assist others with an intent to pursue a degree in the STEM field,”


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