Aspire Johnson County partners with Ivy Tech Community College to implement strategic plan, connect county residents with education and work

Aspire Johnson County is a tremendous effort to bolster the strong and vibrant midwestern communities and companies of Johnson county through a skilled workforce and an economy that provides opportunities for growth across many industries.

Aspire has developed a five-year Economic Development Strategic Plan that clearly identifies their five key goals: Drive innovation to boost business and industry development, boost site development for catalyst project, nurture community collaboration and engagement, embrace and pursue opportunities for enhanced livability and quality of place, and magnify and deliver robust education and workforce endeavors.

Over the course of the next five years, Aspire will measure their success in meeting these goals and implementing the corresponding strategies using two key measurements to attract/develop 50% more Advanced Industry jobs. Ultimately, the plan to go from 4,104 jobs in 2020 to 6,156 by 2025.

Additionally, Aspire aims to grow the average annual wage by 15% for all Johnson County workers. To achieve this goal, the average hourly wage will need to move from $19.23 in 2020 to $22.11 in 2025.

“Aspire’s goal is to be the convener, and to be the champion of economic development and sustained growth in Johnson County,” said Christian Maslowski, president and CEO of Aspire Economic Development and Chamber Alliance.

Ivy Tech Community College will be a key player in helping Aspire Johnson County to reach their fifth goal of magnifying and delivering robust education and workforce endeavors. Along with other Indiana colleges and universities such as Franklin College, Indiana University, and Butler University, Aspire will prioritize organizational partnership development with Ivy Tech.

“What Ivy Tech is excited about is the workforce skill training focus that [Aspire has], because that’s where we really feel we can align with Aspire and those industry partners to help fill that need.” Stephanie Amon, Vice Chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College said.

For more information about the exciting things happening with the Aspire Johnson County project, click here. For more information or to apply to Ivy Tech Community College, click here.

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