Ivy Tech Alumni finds passion and success in health care field

Jessica Day was a mother of 4 and was 44 years old when she took the leap of returning to college.

“I was nervous,” She said. “But the staff at orientation attracted me to Ivy Tech. They all were encouraging and had something to say towards all ages.”

Jessica graduated from Ivy Tech with a certified nursing assistant (CNA) certification and healthcare specialist and pre-nursing credentials. She is currently utilizing her degrees in her field of study as a patient care technician (PCT) and Unit Rep at the St. Vincent Women’s hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU.)

Building a career around your education is no easy feat. Fortunately for Jessica, she found incredible support and many resources at Ivy Tech Community College.

“Ivy Tech gave me great tools for good communication, and confidence.” Jessica said. “Each professor, advisor, and tutor I’ve had so far has given me encouragement and wisdom and has taught me with dedication and discipline.”

While studying at Ivy Tech, Jessica utilized the TRIO Student Support services program. TRIO Student Support services is a federally funded program by the U.S. Department of Education that provides additional support services to first-generation, low-income, and/or students with a disability during their time enrolled in college. For more information about TRIO services, visit IvyTech.edu/IndyTRIO.

“I love TRIO!” Jessica said, “They are always welcoming. Everyone in this program is so thoughtful and comforting through trials I and others have faced. TRIO is a family really, all working together to encourage one another towards meetings goals and accomplishing them.”

Students in the Healthcare Specialist program at Ivy Tech as are able to study a wide variety of certification options including Dementia Care, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Nursing Aide, and more. Students receive clinical hands-on practice in actual healthcare settings, with a mix of classroom and time in the lab.

For Jessica, the Healthcare Specialist program is just the beginning of her education aspirations. Jessica plans to apply to the Ivy Tech Nursing Program for the spring of 2022 and later transfer to IUPUI to get a BSN and one day complete nurse practitioner (NP) credentials.

“I desire to stay in NICU and be an NNP.” Jessica said, “But plans change sometimes, so I am willing to go another direction if I end up liking another type of care better once I am working towards a Masters.”

Jessica encourages other aspiring health care workers to take the same leap she did and choose to study at Ivy Tech Community College. “You make be asking yourself, ‘Should I go to this school?’ I say absolutely.” Jessica said, “Not only will you save money, but you will have help every step of the way. If you ask, they will help you…They will always work on leading you in the right direction. Take that direction and you will flourish.”

Does Jessica’s academic journey sound like something you want for yourself? Ivy Tech has classes in all programs stating in March. You can apply for free today at IvyTech.edu/apply. For more information about the wide array of healthcare opportunities at Ivy Tech, visit IvyTech.edu/health.

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