Ivy Venture Club hosts 3rd Annual Ivy Shark Tank Pitch Competition and Marketplace

Ivy Tech Community College hosted its third annual “Ivy Shark Tank Pitch Competition and Marketplace” on July 14 with students in the newly revamped Entrepreneur Program.  

Students in the Entrepreneur Program can earn a certificate (16 credits), a technical certificate (31 credits), or an Associate of Applied Science (61 credits) in Entrepreneurship in the new School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 

The new program uses the highly effective RISE curriculum in conjunction with providing mentors and developing a strong ecosystem to help students successfully launch their startups in the community. 

Participants had an opportunity to pitch their business idea in front of a panel of judges and showcase their business in a display booth. Additionally, students were able to network with key individuals from the community including the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Elevate Ventures, and key small business owners as well as key officials from Ivy Tech including the Chancellor, Dr. Lorenzo Esters and Danielle Stiles-Polk from the Foundation.  

Sponsors included the Ivy Venture Club, Elevate Ventures, The Ivy Tech Foundation, Near the Box, and the SolACE Touch for a combination of cash and prizes worth over $12,000.

For more information about this program, visit IvyTech.edu/study-entrepreneurship.

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