Area 31 Career Center and Ivy Tech’s Digital Integrated Manufacturing Program, first-of-a-kind in the state

During its annual Partnership Day last Fall, the Area 31 Career Center and Ivy Tech announced a new and innovative program and career opportunity: Digital Integrated Manufacturing (DIM).

The Area 31 Career Center, located at 1200 N. Girls School Road in Indianapolis, is a high school with direct, hands-on learning and real-world experience for local students. Students attend career preparation classes for half of their day at Area 31 and the other half at their home high school.

The new DIM program serves as a pilot for Ivy Tech before a statewide launch of dual credit programming in Smart Manufacturing and Digital Integration. Its first cohort begins Fall 2022.

“It’s a big opportunity for now and for the future. It’s exciting to be one of the first few people to ever be in it (the program). It’s something to take advantage of with more money and opportunities.”

Current student in program

Students in the Area 31 Digital Integrated Manufacturing program develop skills and knowledge of modern manufacturing processes.

Industry-current technologies, project-based learning experiences, and employer engagements help students grow their understanding of production processes, robotics, quality control, digital integration, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“We are absolutely confident that the Digital Integrated Manufacturing program will create a steady flow of capable and well-prepared Industry 4.0 professionals.”

Paula Dutra E Mello of Telamon Corp.

What can students earn?

  • Ivy Tech college credits
  • Potential to earn postsecondary credential
  • Opportunities for industry-recognized credentials

Preparations for the future

Program graduates will have the opportunity to continue their development through postsecondary programs, stackable industry credentials and employment in roles such as production technicians, quality control specialists, technologists and more.

For more information about this program at Ivy Tech, contact Steve Bardonner, dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering and Applied Sciences at

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