Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month Success

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness month was a tremendous success at Ivy Tech Indianapolis, with more than 200 participants across all events that took place in November. 

This event, hosted by a multi-office team (coordinated by Stephanie Williams), included a food insecurity documentary and discussion, a poverty simulation, an eviction documentary and discussion and a community symposium. These events were all a part of an effort to educate and facilitate awareness and action in our own communities.

“I’m now armed with more facts that will allow me to educate others,” one of the participants remarked after attending the Eviction documentary and discussion. 

The community symposium featured a panel of experts about the hungry and homeless in our own communities. Some of the experts were:

  • Judge Brenda Roper, Center Township Small Claims Court
  • Chase Haller, Housing Attorney for Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic 
  • Chelsea Haring-Cozzi, Executive Director of the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention
  • Jessica Fraser, Director of Indiana Institute for Working Families
  • John Elliott, President/CEO of Gleaners Food Bank
  • Kate Howe, Managing Director for Indy Hunger
  • Monica Lunderman, Asset Manager for Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation
  • Shellye Suttles, Ph.D., Assistant Research Scientist for Indiana University Ostrom Workshop

“The event has given our community items to think about, to act upon, and to make a difference.” Judge Brenda Roper said about the community symposium – aptly put, as statistics reveal that Marion County’s rate of food insecurity is higher than the national average; while The Eviction Lab consistently ranks Indianapolis among the top 20 cities with housing instability. 

Hopefully, with continued community outreach and education, the Indianapolis area can turn those statistics around on their heads, creating a food and housing-secure tomorrow. 

If you know a student that is struggling with hunger and/or homelessness in the Central Indiana service area, direct them to the ERCC at

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