Student Success Story: Lindsay Alexander

Graduating senior Lindsay Alexander chose Ivy Tech Community College to start her life over; as a single mother of two kids, she knew going back to school would better her and the life she provides her children. To her, Ivy Tech was affordable, close to home, and flexible, which allowed her to work part-time and take care of her children and ailing mother.

With the stress and worry of caring for her children and mom, work, and school, Lindsay welcomed the support provided by Ivy Tech’s community of professors. Their support throughout her educational endeavors – help with assignments and materials comprehension – lifted a weight that helped Lindsay push through to graduation.

Outside of the classroom, Lindsey fought through naysayers doubts with the love, help, and generosity of her grandparents. “I am very grateful to have my grandparent help me take care of my children while I was running my mother to the hospital or when I had to take an exam on campus.”

The day before midterms one semester, Lindsay’s mom passed away. Even with all the roadblocks, Lindsay persisted. “The last two and half years have been the hardest and most stressful of my life. But I am extremely proud of myself for making it this far and finishing,” Lindsay said. “Ivy Tech and the instructors have given me confidence in myself and have led me to see I can do anything if I really want it.”

Now that she has completed her degree in Paralegal Studies, Lindsay plans on working with law firms and hopes of one day working for the state of Indiana. “I chose this career path to help families and single mothers who went through the same experiences,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay recently accepted a position at a law firm in Fort Harrison. “I am about to start a whole new life,” she said. “I proved many wrong, including myself, and I really hope that my kids see one day that I did all this for them, to give them a better life.”

“No matter what life throws at you, things will work out. Now I am about to embark on the greatest journey, and I will be able to live a great life with my kids without worry. Thank you, Ivy Tech, for helping this mom see that she is smart and capable of doing anything” Lindsay said.

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