Indianapolis Airport Authority and Ivy Tech collaborate on employee tuition program

Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) announced a new agreement today giving IAA employees access to an educational assistance program that encourages personal development through degree and certificate programs. The goal of this new partnership will help employees skill up within their current jobs or become competitive for advancements. 

“We are so proud of this collaboration with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, which will allow them to cultivate and develop their current talent,” said Dr. Lorenzo Esters, chancellor of Ivy Tech Indianapolis. “The impact of the investment that the IAA is making in their employee pipeline will not only make a difference within their organization but will branch out into the community too.”

The new agreement will be available to all active IAA employees in satisfactory job performance status starting day one. Upon meeting these requirements, the IAA will cover up to $5,250 per calendar year for an approved certificate or degree program.  

“With this MOU, our employees can defer tuition as well as have most of it paid directly by the IAA,” said Mario Rodriguez, IAA executive director. “This agreement allows us to tap into undeveloped talent and create a pipeline for our organization or even other organizations, creating public value.”

The two entities solidified their collaboration by formally signing a memorandum of understanding during the College’s “Advance with Ivy Tech Indy” launch on Friday, November 12. 

Learn more about this initiative at Ivy Tech and how employers can participate in similar efforts at Ivy Tech’s Office of Career Coaching and Employer Connections at  

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