Student Spotlight – Ahmadzia Momand

Ahmadzia Momand is an exchange student from Afghanistan, and he has education on his mind. He is also our current Ivy Tech Indianapolis Student Government Association President.

“I want to serve in education,” He said, “I want to work with a crew to design and implement educational opportunities for high schoolers and college freshmen that will improve their critical thinking skills and assist them in becoming informed citizens who are helpful to society.”

Ahmadzia, who is anticipating graduating from Ivy Tech Indianapolis in the Fall of 2023 with a degree in Business Administration, has an impressive history in educational activism. Before arriving at Ivy Tech, he served as a Peace Fellow at several institutions, including UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the United Network of Young Peace Builders, and the United States Institute of Peace.

Additionally, Ahmadzia is the co-founder of the Youth Design Lab for Peace in Afghanistan, a project that aims to foster the prevention of violent extremism through education and youth engagement. In the past, Ahmadzia also worked with Afghans for Progressive Thinking, where he worked closely in the debate and civic activism department to aid in deterring social intolerance and violent extremism through the power of debate and civic education.

More recently, Ahmadzia has been engaged in the traditional community college experience, spending time working on class assignments, making friends with other students, and getting involved in activities on campus at Ivy Tech Indianapolis. Recently, he was elected as the Ivy Tech Student Government Association Student Body President.

“I am extremely honored to be learning and to have the ability to serve at Ivy Tech Indianapolis.” He said, “Ivy Tech has greatly contributed to my journey over the last seven months through its diverse community, supportive staff, and quality education.”

Ahmadzia stated that some of his goals as the current president of the student body include keeping a higher education standard, elevating student voices when they express concerns, and providing resources to students.
One of Ahmadzia’s primary aspirations as student body president is to increase student engagement with various programs and resources offered through Ivy Tech that can greatly impact the student, to improve the individual student’s college experiences.

For example, he shared the story of a student he helped that needed mental health counseling. “They did not know where or how to connect to the resources they needed,” he said, “We helped facilitate that.” He helped the student get set up in the free counseling services offered to all students through Ivy Tech.

On another occasion, Ahmadzia noticed a new student sitting by himself, looking unhappy. He went to the student and asked him how he was doing. The student said they felt directionless and a little lost. Ahmadzia made good on his campaign promises and helped connect the new student to resources that would benefit him, a career coach and an assessment test, both free tools available to all Ivy Tech students.

“I am a strong believer in human connection.” Ahmadzia said, “I advocate for peace, tolerance, and acceptance through empathy, compassion, and education.”

“The quality of the education at Ivy Tech is powerful!” He said, “Diversity, belonging, connection, affordability, and support. That’s what we all need.”