Fall 2019 commencement speaker accepted into TechPoint’s Xtern program

Andrea Johnson is a member of IvyWorks-Indy Women in Tech and LiFT Scholars program at Ivy Tech and earned her associate of science degree in Informatics in December 2019.

At the top of the year, her family announced they were moving to Georgia, so she saved up money by completing odd jobs, got an apartment and decided to stay in Indiana to finish her degree at Ivy Tech.  

“Andrea is a hard-working student who took great strides to complete her degree,” said Ariel Crawley, director of the IvyWorks program.

Throughout the year, Andrea earned various accolades including going to Washington DC to represent LiFT for a tech conference. In addition, she is one of three Ivy Tech students who were accepted to TechPoint’s Xtern program and was matched with an organization for next summer.

Xtern is a national program based in Indianapolis where students compete for paid internships with various tech organizations in Indiana.   

At 20-years-old, Andrea is one of the youngest students to complete IvyWorks-Indy Women in Tech. 

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