How one Ivy Tech Electronic and Computer Technology student is using their degree to move up

Matthew Longshore graduated from Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis in 2019 with a degree in Electronic and Computer Technology (ECT), which became a foot in the door to what he shares is an exciting and challenging field.

ECT is a quickly growing profession, with several opportunities. Ivy Tech ECT students graduate with a plethora of career opportunities available to them, such as computing, networking, communications, process control and automation, robotics, biomedical, energy management and transportation.

“My degree from Ivy Tech has helped me achieve my goals. I will be transferring to a new department at work, which reflects my degree,” Matthew said. “I am currently an Electro Mechanic at Citizens Energy, and I will be transferring to Instrumentation and Controls at the end of March.”

The ECT program prepares students like Matthew to be skilled technicians in the field that are proficient in implementing electronic designs, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, installing and maintaining equipment and troubleshooting various electronic systems.

“The equipment I work on encompasses the gamete of industrial machinery, from small hydraulic units to the Eagle Creek Dam flood gates,” he added.

The field is not without its stimulating challenges that encourage professional growth and problem-solving.

“Troubleshooting the wastewater control systems can be difficult,” Matthew admits. Still, Ivy Tech equips students with a comprehensive education that adequately prepares them for whatever obstacles or professional challenges may come their way.

Upon graduating, students can acquire the associate level Certified Electronics Technician certification, which shows prospective employers they have learned the critical electronics and electrical skills needed, as well as the knowledge and ability to excel in the workplace.

“I would advise students to talk with people in the field they are trying to enter and to choose courses that pertain to that field,” Matthew advised to prospective students. “Stay the course and don’t quit!”

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