Martin University and Ivy Tech Announce Partnership

Partnership Will Further Education of Minority Students and Assist Employers

In an effort to encourage and help students succeed in their educational goals and assist employers in hiring a more diverse and inclusive workforce, Martin University and Ivy Tech Community Colleges today announced a partnership.  It will combine aspects of the university’s Martin WORKS with Ivy Tech’s focus on minority student success into high wage in-demand careers.

Martin, the state’s only Predominately Black Institution (PBI) that offers 4-year undergraduate and master’s degrees, developed Martin WORKS to provide students with paid internships and other career development experiences while earning their degrees.  Ivy Tech, well-known for its workforce development training, associate degrees and short-term certificate programs, can offer students the opportunity to continue their education and earn a college degree.  

Ivy Tech President Dr. Sue Ellspermann speaking at the December 4 in a joint press conference with Martin University

The partnership will allow stakeholders to make positive progress in overcoming racial gaps in education and career paths toward goals of both the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Indiana Commission of Higher Education.

“We believe that Martin University is the best choice in Indiana to help position students of color for success in both their education and career paths,” said Sean Huddleston, President of Martin.  “We are grateful to be able to capitalize on Ivy Tech’s long-standing and well-respected workforce development program to make inroads for and benefit both students.”

“This partnership gives Ivy Tech a unique opportunity to better attract and support students of color for success not only at Ivy Tech, but for success in completing their bachelors degree from an exceptional university and launching them into high wage, high demand careers,” said Sue Ellspermann, President of Ivy Tech.  “Dr. Huddleston and I believe that, together and alongside employer and community partners, we can make a larger impact on racial equality and inclusion in Indianapolis and our state.”

According to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, “Together Martin University and Ivy Tech will capitalize on each other’s strengths to improve the education and top-level employment of minority students.  This collaboration will not only help our state reach its goals for a more diverse and technology-based workforce, it will also aid employers as they strive to be more inclusive.” 

Information Technology (IT) will be a specific focus of the partnership to increase diversity in this sector.  Martin will create a new Cyber Entrepreneurship program designed to expand access to the IT field for minority groups and people of color.  This will be melded with Ivy Tech’s NSA-certified Cybersecurity associate degree resulting in highly skilled and innovative professionals of color to fill thousands of high wage careers in Indiana’s tech sector.  Ivy Tech students, upon completion of the Cybersecurity degree, are guaranteed to be admitted into the Martin Cyber Entrepreneurship program.

Martin’s new Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion, created to assist organization leaders in their efforts to strengthen diversity equity and inclusion, will provide Ivy Tech with access to expertise and training to better educate faculty, staff and students for success in their focused areas.  This will be accomplished through workshops, lectures, seminars, programs, initiatives, and consulting engagements.

The partnership will also focus on increasing the pipeline of teachers of color by offering guaranteed admissions into Martin’s School of Education and scholarship opportunities to Ivy Tech students completing associate degrees in elementary and secondary education.

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