IvyAlert – February 4: Buildings closed, virtual classes and services

All Ivy Tech Indianapolis Service Area buildings will be closed on Friday, February 4, with services and classes operating virtually on their regular schedules. Click below to view more information.


  • Log into each class in IvyLearn to look for directions posted from your instructor(s) on the plan for a virtual class day. 
  • Log in before course meeting times to be prepared for any live classes.  
  • Specific guidance for labs or clinicals will be communicated by the course instructor or program/school leadership in IvyLearn, email, or other previously planned communication.
  • Students can contact the campus for virtual services on the Ivy Tech Indianapolis Virtual Front Desk at IvyTech.edu/IndyHelp. 


  • Faculty should post announcements in IvyLearn for the day and continue course instruction as planned utilizing virtual options.
  • Additional guidance will be provided to faculty on a programmatic level from Chair and/or Dean. If you have questions, contact your supervisor.


  • Staff should plan to work a normal schedule remotely, using remote access just as you would when working virtually any other day.
  • If you are unable to work remotely, contact your supervisor.

Please note: At this time, it is anticipated that on Saturday, February 5 the campus will return to normal business operations. If a decision is made to alter operations on February 5th an announcement will be made at that time. Otherwise, please assume normal operations.

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