Student Spotlight: Justin Stephenson

We recently interviewed Justin Stephenson. He’s one of many of our inspiring and passionate students here at Ivy Tech Indianapolis. Read the below interview to get to know him a bit better.

  1. What is your field of study?

Justin: Mechanical Engineering

  • What did you enjoy about being on campus?

The Indianapolis campus is where I’m enrolled. I enjoy how close it is, and the professors I’ve had have all been so welcoming. Furthermore, the leadership (president, chancellor, and directors) have all been so nice and truly care about their programs, and the students in them.

  • What student life activities or associations are you involved in on campus?

Justin: I’m involved in a lot. I work in the Student Life office part-time as a social media coordinator, and I do the photography for events here while helping plan/execute many events as well. I’m also a part of the Student Government Association helping with marketing and events. I am the president of an organization called Brother 2 Brother here at Ivy Tech Indianapolis.

  • How did you decide on attending Ivy Tech? What drew you to community college?          

Justin: I originally decided after high school that I wasn’t going to go to college at all, but after working approximately 60 hours a week as a technician doing manual labor working on cars at a dealership for a year, it was looking rough. People were quitting or getting pay cuts only to put in their two weeks just to get their original payback, and it was an endless cycle, And I didn’t want any part of it! Luckily, I had some dual credits from my high school for Ivy Tech, so it was the first school that came to mind. I wanted a career switch too, so I decided to take up mechanical engineering. A community college suits me best being a part-time student. Getting acclimated to being a student again, it fits my learning style better and has lots of resources available.

  • How has your Ivy Tech education helped you to achieve your goals?

Justin: Ivy Tech is helping me achieve my goals by helping me become a better student and giving me an open door to countless job opportunities

  • Are you currently working in your field of study? What are your future plans?

Justin: Currently, my plans are to get into civil engineering. A few companies that specialize in civil engineering have come to visit my class making it easy to see who is looking to hire college graduates and less experienced hires to train to meet their needs.

  • Are there any stories you would like to share about working in your field? Have you had any positive student learning, internship, or apprenticeship experiences?

Justin: No internships yet, but I’m hoping to get one in the summer!

  • How did Ivy Tech help you get to where you are today?

Justin: I’ve never been an extrovert or student leader, and Ivy Tech and the Student Life department have really helped me come out of my comfort zone. I am extremely grateful for the things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met while studying here.

  • What is your advice for other students interested in Ivy Tech? Why should others consider attending Ivy Tech?

Justin: My advice differs from student to student but overall know your limits. It’s easy to make your own schedule, but it’s also easy to mentally overwhelm yourself and start doubting what you can and can’t do. People should consider Ivy Tech for many reasons … price, support, flexibility, and ease.  And by ease, I don’t mean the classes are easy, but it’s easy to get started and start working towards the degree or certificate you want. I do strongly believe that Ivy Tech has an amazing support system that most colleges do not have for their students.

  1. Do you have anything else that you would like to share?

Justin: Get involved! College is fun, and you’ll be surprised how much more you learn in a short period of time.

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